Our Mission

We are a purpose-driven company.

All decisions we make and strategies we develop are based on our mission and corporate principles.

We simplyfy modern work, so everyone can be more productive and successful.

We are doing this by providing the world’s most easy, secure and fun solution to capture and share knowledge with anyone in organizations in the most human, understandable, easy to consume and personal way: video 

How we play

At SlidePresenter, we are a team of fast, smart, and driven people who are committed to ensuring that good ideas can directly have a real impact. We are always looking for new ways to learn and grow, and we see every challenge as an opportunity. We don’t believe in hierarchies, but we do believe in results and solutions. We value ownership as well as teamwork because we know that the best results are only achieved through collaboration.


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Average age


Employee Happiness Score

We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset.
People who are smart, who have drive and passion,
who are willing to take calculated risks and move things forward independently.
We live personal responsibility and are looking for those
who want to make themselves and our customers better every day.

Sebastian Walker, Founder & CEO

What makes us special?

If we’re honest, every company probably considers itself the best place to work – and certainly all of them have great benefits and perks. But what actually makes SlidePresenter special? And how do we differ from other employers?

In this video, our colleagues tell you how we work, what makes us unique and how the corporate culture is perceived.

And action!

Explore our company and learn about our work by checking out our social media channels before even stepping into our modern Frankfurt office.

Sounds like you?