Our Leadership approach

We lead by insipiring and driving vision as well as coaching the team.

 Our leadership team leads by example and with purpose. They know what they are talking about as well as actively encourage their team to think outside the box. Through their leadership and guidance, they foster a culture of innovation.

They lead with purpose

The key aspects of purpose-driven leadership is the emphasis on aligning the goals and actions of the organization with our core principles and mission. To break it down to every single teammember so that everyone can contribute on what really brings impact. Therefore, our leaders focus on inspiring and motivating all teammembers to work on the overall goal. Every decision we make is based on our overall purpose as a company.

They foster growth mindset

Our leadership team cultivates a growth mindset and encourages innovation within their teams. They know that in many aspects of life, it is beneficial to focus on what is possible rather than asking what is not. They encourage teams to take on new challenges, learn new skills, and grow personally and professionally.

For us, leadership means listening. Actively involving the team in decisions. Our leaders know that we can only achieve the best possible results together and they see their job as a team sport, not as an individual competiton.

They focus on collaboration & clear communication

Our leaders are committed to effectively communicating our vision and goals to others. They strive to share information in a clear and easily understandable way, and to listen actively to others in order to take their perspectives into account when making decisions. They believe in leading with empathy and ensuring that politics has no place in our company. The focus is always on finding the best solutions for our team and organization. They ensure that there are no silos within the company that foster a “us versus them” mentality or hinder communication in any way.

They build successful teams through trust, empowerment, and accountability

Our leaders have the courage to let go of control and empower their teams to make decisions. They are transparent in sharing information, and are willing to allow their teams to fail in pursuit of innovation. They hold their teams and themselves accountable to their goals, are willing to set clear expectations and provide honest feedback. This allows their teams to grow and achieve success.

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Leadership on LinkedIn

Every success story starts with an idea – but in the further course it needs much more than that. The courage to break new ground and the right people are just two of many aspects. On his LinkedIn channel, our SlidePresenter CEO regularly shares his experiences and thoughts on successful leadership.

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